Jassie Chia in a nutshell
Jassie is a fashion lover born in the year 1993. As a kid, she loved to draw cartoons and anime to which she discovered her love for arts. At the age of 10, she would always try to spice up the clothes which her mom laid out for her, according to how she sees fit – add random and fun accessories, coordinate shoe color with her bag color, and the like. From then on, she considered fashion as a way of expression, much just like art. She dreams of establishing her name in the fashion industry as a stylist and a business woman owning her own fashion line. Until then, she would share her style ideas through her blog, Stylequation.

Apart from fashion, she loves portrait photography and is in fact a freelance photographer. She practices by taking her own outfit shots per blog post and sometimes coordinate with other people for a photo session. She’s also a wanderlust who seeks to travel to the ends of the world and discover each country’s culture and heritage. Last but definitely not the least, she is a foodie who loves to try different cuisines but is a bit biased when it comes to pizza.

Stylequation, Adding a bit of style to deduct low esteem and multiply self confidence!
It has been a long road before Jassie settled to “Stylequation”. She started her 1st online journal way back 2006 on blogspot, moved to a different blog site from 2009-2012, and finally decided to go back and permanently stay at blogspot on 2013. Her blog was first introduced as Clicks and Stitches, but on July 2014, she made a declaration to finally stick with the title "Stylequation" due to her constant use of the words "Style equation" in her blog entries. 

Stylequation is a personal style blog dedicated to share her own sense of style and knowledge on basic styling. It is also a way to encourage readers to add bits of their own personality in every outfit they choose to wear. She believes that style isn't a matter of staying to what rules fashion dictates, it is how people break the regularities of it to make their own fashion statements. To sum up, style is what defines a person. 

Got anything to say to me?
Please feel free to email me at stylequation@gmail.com for sponsorships, collaborations, events, project offers, and the like. Drop by my ASK PAGE for random questions you might want to ask! I also have a comment box below every post where you can suggest outfits for me to wear.

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