Back to square one

9:52 pm

 I'm back with an outfit post after all these months! I finally got rid of the afternoon lazy feeling and took some shots for a change.

As a way to celebrate my accomplishments, I took out my camera for a run. It's been a while since the last time I did an outfit post and the feeling of getting back to it is pure bliss. Hence I wore pieces that made me feel happy and that is, of course, wearing "my" basics - floral prints and neutral colors. I've tried tons of styles lately but I always find myself going back to my style roots.

For this look, I wore my Guess floral top and paired it with a nude skirt from F21. I added a denim jacket and a pair of white sneakers from H&M to complement and complete the look.
I've been working on something since 2016 and now, I'm down to the last few steps and I'm just waiting for the results to come in. For the mean time, I'll leave you guys hanging so as not to jinx all my hard work.
 It's been a tiring 1st half of 2017 but I'm very much excited on what's ahead!

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