Stylequation 101: Outerwear

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Ever had a wardrobe block? I've had, an awful lot. And as much as I would like to buy more pieces to fill up my closet, I fear that I'd still end up back at that corner, also it is unreasonable to spend on trends.

So whenever I'm at that dead-end, I would opt to mix and match my clothes - the most economical and rational thing to do. Let me share to you how I style 1 dress in to 3 different looks by layering another clothing item.


To get that edgy feel, I layered on a black jacket and wore a strappy pair of heels. I finished the look by doing a braid on my hair's middle section and by wearing my Gentle Monster - Love Punch shades . The highlight of this ensemble is of course, the color black and bizarre accessories. Try wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket and combat boots and feel like a bad-ass!

Dress: Bettina
Black Denim Jacket: Guess
Heels: Primadonna
Shades: Gentle Monster


Casual is and will always be my go-to look, I would always layer on a denim jacket in most of my outfits. Denim jackets are great for dressing down a formal clothing item but also style up a basic tee - it's just your perfect fashion item and it's a total must have! Since this is a casual look, I wore on one of my favorite sneakers; did a braided bun, and went easy with accessories. (By the way, I didn't consider my eye-glasses as an accessory mainly because it's a prescription glasses, so you'll see me wear it 24/7).

Dress: Bettina
Denim Jacket: SM Department Store
Sneakers: Adidas Superstar


To put this simply, blazers are a must if you want to have that polished look, it dresses up a simple jeans and white-tee combo with ease. So if you're going for a smart casual vibe, always have a staple blazer in your closet. For this look, I still went easy with the accessories and even my hair. I wore a nude ankle-strap heels to complete the look.

Dress: Bettina
Blazer: Promod
Heels: Something Borrowed

That'll be all for my Stylequation 101 post, make sure to check back for more related posts!

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