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One thing I can't leave the house without is a pair of sunglasses, I bet most of you guys could relate. A pair of good sunnies don't just maintain good eye health especially on the raging heat of the sun, it acts up as a concealer so you'll have no worries on no makeup days, cause you could literally hide your eyebags with those big glasses; lastly, it completes your whole look by just wearing it on. 

The market offers a lot of styles out there but not all sunnies could offer protection, style, and durability at the same time. Let me share to you guys Warby Parker's latest spring collection!
Warby Parker offers trendy and functional glasses. They're not just creating sunnies but also a lifestyle. Check out these cool picks from their spring collection!

When choosing sunglasses, frames matter. Check out these hip designs from the spring collection!

Solid frames are classic, you can never go wrong with it. It's a staple and I recommend you to have that one pair you could just pack in your bag and leave without having second thoughts. 

 A pair of translucent frames are your basic solid frames with a little more "oomph". If you want more than just the typical, these are your babies.

Printed frames are fun and trendy, it helps upgrade your basic outfit to something more fashionable looking! I love wearing printed glasses, especially the leopard-print ones!

Warby Parker has a ton of designs you could choose from, but not all frames would look the same on each person because we have different face shapes. Before you purchase your pair, make sure to research on which frames would match your face shape. 

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