Clothes All You Can Season 1

9:27 pm

 Earlier this morning, I went to an amazing event that fulfilled my dreams of having all the clothes I want. Yes, I attended Clothes All You Can Season 1 held at Inside Out City. Let me show you a glimpse of this mind-blowing event!

As most of you are informed, the mechanics of this event is to get all the clothes you want within 18 minutes, the catch is having all those items fit in to a zip lock bag. All items should be snug inside your zip lock, if not, discard excess items, hence - PICK IT! ZIP IT! KEEP IT!

By the time that you get in, you will be caught by the glimpse of limitless possible outfits but at the same time, hugged by tension cause again, you only have 18 minutes to pick out the items you like. As per the experience, let me share to you my 10 COMMANDMENTS which could help if you plan on attending the event.

  1. Thou shall know what thy want - size, color, and style matters!
  2. Thou shall not panic - it's your worst enemy.
  3. Though shall not mind the timer - I glanced at it a couple of times and made me more anxious.
  4. Thou shall not miss out on the experience - Have fun while going through all the racks, let it be your Little Mermaid - Part of your world scene. And yes, I'm referring to this, but for clothes:
  5. Thou shall choose basic over trend - Clothes are an investment, the more basic items you get, the more outfit possibilities. Trendy items that you choose should compliment basic ones.
  6. Thou shall focus on what thy want - These items are yours to keep, yours to create, yours to wear.
  7. Thou shall distinguish, "meh" and "yeah" items - know which items you can't leave the building without and items which still needs some thinking.
  8. Thou shall spare time to stuff in thy items in the zip lock - cause girl, you'll need it.
  9. Thou shall stack up thin and soft materials and place them first inside thy zip lock - 'nuff said.
  10. Thou shall go light with thicker materials - you'll get more items if you lessen up on thicker items.

 I was able to get 8 pieces under 18 minutes and I think that's a good start for a first timer.

For those still interested to take part of this cool event, please check out Clothes All You Can page, they still accept ticket buyers and even walk-in customers. Ticket price is Php1,699 but it's all worth it cause the items you'll be choosing from is a great mix between branded and non-branded items. I got a lot of F21 that ranged between Php800-1,000 so... do I still need to explain?

Good luck on your Clothes All You Can experience! Don't forget to have fun in the event! And yes, I cannot wait for season 2!!!

Video from Clothes All You Can

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