10 Things I have learned from 2016

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Being caught up in the corporate life has taken its toll on me, or perhaps ageing? Hopefully not. I have tried countless of times to take some time to myself and do a ton of revamping, but either of the two really pushed me down. Regardless, since it's the new year, let's be more positive! End trying and start doing - a few baby steps is better than having none at all.

2016 was yet another year of realizing things, whether be it good or bad. I want to share to you things that I have learned throughout my ride last year.

We are all born and raised differently - rich or poor, with or without parents, introvert or extrovert, and the like. Even with this sole fact, we are to understand that we're living different lifestyles and beliefs which could clash at some point. One important thing to be reminded of, especially when we deal with people with contradicting behaviors, is to put respect over anything else. This way, you could set aside pride and we could all live in a more cordial society. 

When in doubt, ask. Do not do anything out of assumptions - this is applicable in anyone's social life and work place. So before you post that nonsensical tweet, try to evaluate the situation first and be sure that you have the right information before you act/react to it. 

"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. - Scott Adams"
Nuff said.

I have also learned and experienced that some events in your life are better cherished than posted. Try to live in the moment and connect with the person you're with. The best memories we have are from those we remember by heart, not from what we see in pictures.

There are just some things that are not meant to be shared online. While the main purpose of social media sites is to “share” and “connect”, note that you are still expected to be responsible of whatever content you publish. Don’t get me wrong, I do post a lot of media content supported by a variety of hashtags however, I make sure that those content will not put me in any form of harm.

There's nothing that you cannot do as long as you put your mind to it. We are more than capable of the things we want to achieve given we are dedicated and brave enough to take the first steps. Don't concern yourself with negativity and "just keep swimming". Push yourself beyond your limits and by the time you get to the peak, give yourself a pat on the back - the most satisfying thing ever!

Have you ever had a new year's resolution that got left hanging? I guess most of us do. I bet y'all have an updated new year's resolutions list again too. This year, challenge yourself to cross out those list one by one, slowly but surely. If you plan to lose some weight in preparation for summer, don't wait for tomorrow to begin, let TODAY be your favorite word.

Plan things ahead, it's much easier to cross off your list that way. I've always been more effective when I jot everything down in my planner. I have my CBTL Giving journal and it helps me stay on track of my goals while being reminded to live a life that overflows.

Goals keep us motivated, be it a small one or not. Try to see limits you could break and you'll be shocked about the things you never knew you could do. Explore new experiences or activities which could hone your skills and personality.

Because I'm "adulting", money matters will always be an issue. I wanted to share to you guys a 52-week money challenge which I've found in Peso Sense's page. I religiously followed the challenge to the point that it became a regular mindset for me to spare my savings first from my salary. If you're someone who thinks about buying things as soon as your salary has been credited, you would require time to adjust to this practice. I have learned to invest in the future and I feel so responsible now. It's never too late to start so, fill in those piggy banks/bank accounts and I'm wishing you the best of luck!

This would have to be the most important thing I've learned in 2016. Live in your YOUniverse and do whatever it is that makes you happy, may it be another ear piercing or changing your hair color back to its darker state – ANYTHING. Be prepared for any negative feedback from people who you may or may not know but never be consumed by their opinion because it’s your life; you write your own adventures. Don't forget to thank people who compliments you.

Here’s the catch though, you have to be wise enough to know the consequences of your actions, be cautious of things that will affect your relationship with God, family, friends and society, work performance, health and lifestyle.

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