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 Summer is about to end, start saying goodbye to swimsuits, beaches, and other summer related stereotypes. I've been to a lot of summer escapades with my friends and family and I did enjoy every single moment with them. But if you're one of those people who had no time to spare for a quick getaway, here are some of my recommendations for you to enjoy the last days of summer.

 This is one way of getting to know what Philippines can really offer. There are a lot of unknown/uncommon beaches yet to be discovered by all people. In my case, I haven't heard of Agutayan White Island not until yesterday. If you're wondering, this is located somewhere in Jasaan.
We also got to visit Sagpulon Falls, again, this is just near Jasaan as well.
I came across an article about top 5 undiscovered beaches in CDO which you would like to check out: Top 5 Gorgeous Undiscovered Beaches Near CDO

Honestly, Philippines is starting to become like an oven (wait, it already is). If you're looking for some cold and sweet delights, check out Something Sweet's overloaded frappe! Caution: FOR EXTREME SWEET TOOTH PEOPLE ONLY! Their frappe has a variety of flavors including my favorite, Matcha. The price ranges from Php90 (Regular) and Php110 (Large).
You could also try Miss Miyagi Artisan Ice Cream found at the new main branch of Chingkeetea. Again, they offer a variety of flavors and toppings. If I can remember correctly, their ice cream costs Php25.00 only.

Try out a new hair color, make up routine, new hobby, and the like. Do not limit yourself to the things you are already familiar with, explore yourself and widen your skill set! Remember that you wouldn't be able to know you could do things which you deemed impossible until you try it.

Cherish the last days of summer while you still can, guys! Send off summer with a blast!

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