A taste of Coachella before summer ends

8:31 pm

Before summer ends, I would like to share to you how I got a taste of coachella. Before proceeding with the blog post, I know I've been MIA for months and that's because I've been too caught up with work and some stuff that I need to work on for my future. I did try to find time for my blog but I would always end up being to tired and drained. I'm very hopeful in being consistent about this.

 We celebrated our Coachella-themed family day about a month ago and it was awesome, and I have to tell you, BOHO VIBE was everywhere that time - cool outfits, neutral and vibrant colors, summer dance music, and not to mention food, filled the air! Let me show you a glimpse of what it was like.

Guess Top | Next Jeans HW Shorts | Zalora flats | Fancy and Chic Metal crown

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