Maybelline Lip Gradation Review

9:34 pm

I'm finally back with a mini review on Maybelline New York's latest product, Lip Gradation. I've been into lipsticks recently and after learning some Korean makeup tips from my last visit to Mirangcurl, I started to hoard items that would help me practice the typical Korean look

Since this product costs around Php400.00, you wouldn't expect the packaging to have a premium material; Yes, it's covered by plastic but the lids are very secure. Be mindful not to yank both ends at the same time cause your item might drop.
The product comes in two things, a smudger and the product itself. You need to turn the barrel holding the smudger for you to see the product.
For you to get the gradation look, start off by filling in the inner parts of your lips. It doesn't have to be perfect and distinct but it pays to have the inner parts filled in generously with the product.
Using the smudger, you need to blend the product outwards.
I also tried to test the product's longevity. The product did not last throughout the day, this is how it looks like after eating lunch and drinking 2 cups of water. It's justifiable since it doesn't have any promises that it is long-lasting.

1. Easy to use
2. Medium range of colors to choose from
3. Creamy and pigmented application
4. Genereally a good lip product for daily use

1. Matte finish could show chopped up lips
2. Constant application

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