A fresh cut for a fresh start.

8:16 pm

2015 almost had me, I'm glad it's over. A lot has happened over the year and I can't help but be proud of myself for conquering all struggles I had to face that time. Yes, some things end but of course, new things start to grow. To welcome all the new changes and grasp positive vibes, I decided to have my hair done. I wanted to try something new, something my old self wouldn't even try. Mirangcurl CDO helped me a lot in achieving what I wanted to kick start the year. I was able to be part of the Cinderella Project where I got to have a free makeover.

**BTW, I find it funny that the project name is "Cinderella Project" and my name is Jasmin. If you don't see the irony in this, you are free to ignore this add on message. LOL.

What I admire about Mirangcurl CDO is their utmost concern for their customers. Ms. Joy and all the hairstylists helped me pick out a new look without further damaging my hair. They gave tons of suggestions and snazzy styles to match my preferences.
 I even had a quick consultation before having my hair done. Although they could sometimes sound overbearing (mostly because of their intonation), they give out the best suggestions before the start of the makeover.
 So the first step to my makeover was to bleach my hair so the vibrancy of the hair color could be seen. Just so you guys know, Mirangcurl CDO uses Korean hair products.
 And of course, hair color application followed. They did ombre with highlights to my hair.
I learned a lot of korean makeup - from bright eyes to gradient lips. I might be doing a tutorial on what I learned about korean makeup in a separate post!
 They dried and curled my hair and it's DONE!
I would like to extend my gratitude to Mirangcurl CDO for giving this rare opportunity. I would definitely recommend this salon especially if you're planning to have your hair colored. You may visit their salon at SM CDO, 2nd flr.

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  1. from my experience as a customer of Mirangcurl, the staff and the stylist are so friendly. And despite the communication gap, there are translators to help us. I haven't seen this kind of customer service in any other salon. And their services aren't so expensive.. mirangcurl salon is my favorite go to salon. :)

    1. I would have to agree. I felt very comfortable sharing what hairstyle I wanted!


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