A Girl's Guide to Lazy Days feat. Ripples by Jenny

10:48 am

It is inevitable even for me to feel lazy when dressing up, and I bet a lot of girls feel the same way. So how does one manage to stay stylish yet comfortable even on lazy days? Well, here's my girl's guide to lazy days.

On beauty, opt for light and neutral make up. This way, you'll look fresh and alive, specially if you try on a dewy look.
On fashion, nothing's more comfortable than a pair of slip ons, It's the best footwear to have on lazy days! Further on fashion, here are my top picks on clothes: A shirt dress, a pair of coordinates, and a printed shirt.

A shirt dress is basically the queen for lazy days. Technically, it's a very long shirt! I like to style it with a pair of sandals or slip ons and I'm good to go.

If pairing your top and bottom is a hassle for you, I suggest you get yourself a pair of coordinates. You don't have to stress yourself with what to go with what. Plus, you get to match each item with another clothing item you like. 

Lastly, a shirt is a staple for everyone, almost everyone has one. I style mine with a bandage skirt and a pair of slip ons.

So there's my take for a lazy day. What are your lazy day must-haves?

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  1. I'm comfortable wearing shirt dress and yes, it's always a queen on lazy days.

  2. you just look good on everything <3


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