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I've graduated from college a year ago and to be honest, I do miss the thought of enrolling, choosing which notebooks to buy, deciding on a schedule, and all those stuff. If I were to go back to school again, here are my school essentials.

 Here's an overview of the things I would always bring with me. I usually try to keep myself from bringing lots of unnecessary stuff to school.
I love to use this floral print backpack which I "JASSIEfied". As for my wallet, I would usually opt to use a coin purse to save more space inside my bag.
Of course, you are never prepared to school without a notebook. I love to buy notebooks with colorful and interesting covers because it keeps me motivated to study, colorful pens are a MUST, for me, as well. I can never leave the house without my planner cause it basically holds all of the important things which  I need to in track of. To keep me inspired, I would also bring some magazines/books along with me to read during my free time. 
 As for beauty essentials, I keep it really simple since I don't usually wear make up to school. I love to bring along a lip stain with me as it serves as a lip and cheek stain both at the same time. Check out Untainted PH's Instagram account if you're interested to buy their organic lip stain. Their lip stain is very pigmented and you'll really love to use it! A compact powder is essential for me to keep my face from being shiny throughout the day. To keep me fresh from morning til afternoon, I would spray on my favorite scent. Last but not the least, although totally unrelated to beauty products, a watch (in floral print, of course) is necessary for people like me who value time. Check out Stuffs for Her and Him's Instagram page for more trendy fashion watch which could totally finish up your daily outfits to school!

For this new sem, what are your school essentials?

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