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I have been receiving a lot of questions lately about how I was able to slim down, and shed excess fats for the last couple of months. Just a quick disclaimer before I start with this post, I am not a fitness guru. Everything which I will be sharing to you guys are based on what worked for me, and it may or may not work the same way to you. If you're looking for more professional tips, this is not the best post to read from. The purpose of this post is mainly to give personal suggestions, and answer the question about what I did to achieve my current weight.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been teased a lot because of my weight. I've received nicknames like, "Dabyana", "Baboy", "Taba" and whatnot, there was a time wherein I felt unwanted because I don't look good, I felt as if people judged my every move along with comments like, "Baka linugin tayo n'yan pag sumayaw ka, dahan-dahan lang!" (We might experience earthquake if you dance, ease up!), the worst part is body shaming.
Initially, the reason why I decided to slim down is because I want to prove to all those people that I can do better. I want to slap on to their faces that they were wrong and that I don't give a fudge about their body shaming and that I don't have to keep up with their standards of beauty. I ended up gaining more weight because of that.
Having the right motivation is essential. If you plan to lose weight only to prove others wrong, you won't get anywhere because you are drowned to what society thinks who you are. After losing weight, yes, you can prove to others that you're so much more but after that, what? You'll end up gaining again, you won't have anything to drive your motivation. Be fit because you like change. Do this because you like to be challenged, you want improvements, and most especially, because you love yourself!

"As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise." - Shawn M. Talbott, PhD

This is, and will always be, the answer to weight loss. There are no shortcuts to having a fit body, so we all have to suck it up and do these 2 things. Although there are products (slimming coffee, capsule, soap, lotion, etc.) claiming to be effective for weight loss, I wouldn't suggest you guys taking it. Why? Well, I personally think that it's not the healthiest thing to do. I haven't tried any of those products but I do get a feeling that it's a bad option, regardless if it does work or not. Also, results are sweeter if you worked hard for it, there's a bigger sense of accomplishment in every sweat you pour out when exercising. Plus, endorphins! You get endorphins, my friend!

Cutting Calories not Food. Weight loss doesn't necessarily mean depriving yourself from food. I, for one, have never starved myself for the sake of losing a pound or two, rather, I feel very stuffed everyday! When eating, it is important to know how much calories you'll be getting for each serving, allowing you to pick out which food would keep you from being hungry for the next 2-4 hours (or maybe minutes for some). Example, A cup of rice would have an estimate amount of 200 calories while a slice of bread would have around 100 calories. For lunch, I would always choose a rice meal over a sandwich, because eating rice will make me feel more full than eating 2 slices of bread given they offer the same amount of calories.
My dietitian initially gave me a diet plan to follow, with a distinct number of calorie-intake. Because I have "graduated" from her course, I am free to choose what I can eat. My current meal plan (which I am still religiously following) has the same/estimate amount of calories per meal, I only substituted some food to my liking.
Having a Balanced Diet is essential. Since we were kids, we were told to eat nutritious food, and dump our cravings for chips, mountains of chocolates, fries, and all kinds of junk food we could ever think of. I'm not saying you can't have chocolates, no. You may eat some chocolates every now and then provided that you wouldn't eat more junk food than real food.

Water Therapy. I didn't have my meal plan not until January 2014. Late September 2013, I challenged myself to drink nothing else but water. In school, I would always notice people staring at me as I was carrying a 1.5L bottle of water on my way to my next class. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed about it, but I never felt the need to. Bringing a bottle of water helped me from feeling hungry and from randomly eating. There were times when I felt hungry even after I ate lunch, and because of water therapy, I found out that it was just thirst. How? If I'm still feeling hungry after drinking a cup-worth of water, I would conclude that I am, indeed, hungry. If I don't feel hungry after drinking, then perhaps, I'm only thirsty. That made such huge difference to my food intake, and I felt lighter after 3 months of doing it. I'm still on a water therapy not because I want to do it for the rest of my life but because I grew fond of it. In a day, I would drink 3-4L of water which may sound crazy at first but once you get in to doing it, it's not actually a big deal.
I don't have an intense training like what Mia Durano and Desiree Lim are following, mine is a bit, well, lax. I would run around our subdivision for 30 mins and then hit the gym for my workout. In the afternoon, I would do a quick pilates session at home. I exercise, at the most, 3-4 times a week. From experience, you don't really have to sign up for a gym membership to motivate yourself to exercise. What really matters in a workout session is how much effort you've exerted.

If you guys have questions, feel free to ask me through my tumblr ask account or by commenting below. I would love to answer all your questions regarding this post!

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  1. Wow! Jassie, Kudos! A transformation worth sharing. Your story just pushed me to be fit again - to be very careful of my food intake and to exercise.

    1. Thank you so much, Sir Vic! Glad to hear that!

  2. hi ate, at what age ka nag start sa imong "fitness journey"?

    1. Hi there, I started last December 2013 :)


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