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And because I've been busy the past few days with work, I've decided to post something in relation to it. For this post, let me share to you my work must-haves. This is not really, although it may be, a what's in my bag post but this is just to show you guys what I bring to keep my cool whenever I'm at work.

Bag from Secosana | Daniel Shades from Ripples by Jenny | Guess Watch 

First off is of course, a bag. For work, I opt to use neutral colored bags, mostly black BTW, because it looks both professional and sophisticated at the same time.

A hair tie/scrunchie is a must have for me as well because I need to keep my messy hair in place!

Also, a pair of shades is something I can't leave the house without because I know I would always need it, specially when I drive the car on the way to work and for some reason the sun just decided to shine and bring out its blinding light, yeah, I hate it when it does that.

Because my work requires me to "date" my computer for 8 hours, I would need my glasses. FYI, I have a poor eyesight and my glasses aren't just for fashion.

Last but not the least is my watch because time is important to me. I'm always the early bird ever since HS and even up until now, at work, it seems as if nothing has changed. Time is gold, guys. Do not be like those people who reason out "PINOY TIME" whenever they're late.
Eyebrow Pencil from Etude House | Marionnaud N38 Brush | Elf Eyebrow Kit | Cassardi Hand Cream | Maybelline Hyper Curl | Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 240 Striking Spectaculaire | EOS Lip Balm | Loreal Color Riche in Dewy Beige | Snoe Body Spritz in Pear and Basil Mojito

As for beauty products, let me start of with brow kits. I am obsessed with brows and although I'm nowhere near creating the perfect shape, having a clean and polished pair is always a plus. I would curl and apply a coat of mascara on my lashes as well because I want to look more awake without having to put tons of eye products.

Lip Balms will always be my go to lip care but there are times when I need to put on a bit of color to my look, and this is where lipsticks and/or tinted lip balms come in. We all want to smell good regardless if it's for work or just a quick stop at the mall, since my work doesn't require much movement, a bottle of body spritz is enough to keep me fresh and smell good throughout the day. Lastly, hand creams and body lotions are stored inside my pedestal just in case my skin loses moisture,
Starbucks Planner | My Metal in Violet | Pilot G-tec 0.3 | Philips Violet Earphones | Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 

When was the last time you did something without a plan? Although spontaneity is something you should observe, being prepared for anything is way better. Planners are an essential thing for me because it keeps me on track of deadlines and what-nots. I have 2 planners: 1 for work and 1 for blogging/lifestyle. I keep my planners colorful with colored pens/highlighters because I find it helpful for me to properly identify priorities distinguished by different hues, plus, it looks more fun that way! I work better when I listen to music, thus I would always bring with me my earphones and play my favorite jams. Currently, Style by TS, Better Together by Jack Johnson, and Don't by Ed Sheeran are on loop!

And that ends my office related post. I still have 2 post on queue, 1 tagged for fashion and the other, beauty. Look forward to it!

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