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I love the morning sun shining through my window whenever I wake up from a good sleep. I love the smell of my mom's home-cooked breakfast. I love to workout out every morning, specifically to jog towards the sun. There are a lot of reasons to love mornings, indeed, I am a morning person, BUT I love my bed as well. There are a lot of times where in I never wanted to get off of my bed, why? I'm not really sure. Perhaps it's because beds are just to damn comfy! For me to have the perfect cozy-day, let me run you through to my must haves.

Personally, I love to blog on my bed. It keeps me warm and cozy, and it helps rejuvenate my creative juice when I ran out of ideas to blog about. It is where I get to be more creative and productive. I also love to read E-books on my iPad. (Currently reading Sidekicked by John David Anderson)
I also put a lot of throw pillows on my bed. For some bizarre reasons, I can't help but find myself in need to be surrounded by pillows or else, I wouldn't be able to sleep soundly at night.
And of course, I gotta have my white teddy with me!
I also love to drink hot beverages on my bed, especially on cold, rainy nights. I enjoy a cup of green tea or a cup of hot coco with marshmallow (of course) to keep me warm and fuzzy inside.
I love to sleep in long sleeved, cotton hoodies/pullovers!
But if you think about it, a bed wouldn't be as comfortable as it is without good beddings. Basically, it is what makes the bed the coziest place on earth! I love to sleep in to soft beds with either floral print or minimalist beddings. Let me show to you guys some bedding inspo to fill your mood board!
There are a lot of shops where you could find good printed beddings, but if you're more in to minimalist/plain beddings, I would suggest you guys to visit Parachute. They offer a good quality beddings which are to die for!

So, those are my cozy-day must haves, what's yours?

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