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There are a lot of times when I just run out of ideas on what to wear, scenarios such as: "What top would fit this pants?", "What print should I match with this print? Should I go plain?", or even "What color would match this color?". Endless list of "what-to's" would always pop out of the blue whenever I dress up. Here's when coordinates come to the rescue!

Coordinates is such a hassle-free clothing item to have. Save a lot of time choosing what to pair with what and still look effortlessly stylish at the same time. I also adore having coordinates because you can always opt to match it with its pair or with whatever clothing piece you have in mind.  
For this look, I kept it real simple. Because I do not want to "shadow" my coordinates, I wore black accessories. And, VOILA!
Big thanks to The Fashion Buddy 101 for this awesome plaid pair! Check out their shop for more fab finds!

Plaid Coordinates The Fashion Buddy 101 | Spruce Heels | Ripples By Jenny Shades

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