If I were in VEGAS! #CosmopolitanChic

5:59 pm

If a genie would pop out of nowhere and grants me one wish, I'd wish to visit Vegas. Why? To be accommodated at COSMOPOLITAN, of course! This place is just the bomb! Whenever I browse through photos of its interior, I would always find myself at awe. The place is just to perfect to the point that one would want to dress up accordingly. If I were in Cosmopolitan right now, this is what I'll pack inside my bag.

For Brunch, I'd go to Wicked Spoon. Classy and elegant interior calls for a classy and elegant outfit. Pastel colors with gold accessories would perfect! Gonna stay casual and chic for brunch,
And the pool, guys! The pool is just superb! I usually don't swim but I would always dress up for a pool party.
For dinner, I'd go to STK! The cool architecture of the ceiling kind of matches the gladiators, don't they? 
Who would miss a chance to go shopping? Shopping is more fun with a fun and cozy outfit.

So, what would you wear if you get to stay at this fab place?

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