Happy shorts

5:33 pm

It's been a month since my last post and I really feel bad about being inactive with my blog. A lot has happened over the past month and writing about it in a post won't be enough. Moving forward, I'll make sure all pending posts will be published and I'll really find a way to squeeze in time for my little joy.

Dressing down has always been my thing. I don't always go out of the house wearing the most trendy outfit. Most of the times, I wear a plain button-down top with pants/shorts on. This look is one of those days, only I'm wearing something to spice my usual #stylequation.
Cropped Button-down from TRUE LOVE, SM DEPT. STORE | Floral Lace Shorts from Ripples by Jenny | Sunnies Studios Shades | ALDO watch | Thrifted Accessories

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  1. Love love love this outfit especially your shorts! :) If I were to choose, I'd go for dressing down too! :)



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