Stylequation 101: Rompers + Boots

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For the past few weeks, I found myself eyeing on rompers. I personally think that rompers are one of the best go-to outfit because you wouldn't have any problems pairing a top and a bottom item, all you need to figure out is how to accessorize the romper to glam it up. I am also becoming fond of boots for some reason, and so I figured, "Hey, another style equation post!".

I came up with 5 different romper looks: Boho, Classic, Edgy, Girly and Indie. For each look, I'll share to you ladies 5 tips on what makes up a specific style. I will be doing this to all of my Style Equation 101 posts in the future as a guide/reference.

1. Earthy/Warm Color Palette
2. Loose/Breezy Clothes
3. Undefined Silhouette
4. Tribal and Subtle Floral Prints
5. Neutral Hair and Make Up

For me, the key to achieving the boho look is all about comfort incorporated with warm colors. For this look, I embraced the classy and lovely black floral romper with shades of brown to give a laid-back impression. As for the hair and make up, go for an au naturel look. Tease your hair to add volume to it and do a low profile yet fancy hairstyle. If you're confident with your bare skin exposed, I salute you! If you have imperfections and whatnot which needs to be covered up, apply a minimal amount of make up (concealer and powder would do just fine).

1. Basic Pieces
2. Polished Look
3. Clean cuts and Silhouettes
4. Staple Accessories
5. Conventional Color Schemes

The name speaks for itself. Classic style revolves around the traditional way of dressing up, it is the ultimate go-to style but you have the option to add a twist in every look. For this outfit, I used a standard color scheme: Red + Black + White. For a more polished look, I added a black blazer and a pair of classy boots to get that polished look. I also added gold accessories to really give in to the classic style. For the hair, it's best to have your hair up in a bun and as for the make up, office-appropriate make up would do.
1. Dark Colors
2. Ripped Jeans
3. Gold Spike and/or Stud Details
4. Shocking Pop of Color/s
5. Graphic Tees

Edgy style, for me, is the total opposite of Classic. It's fun and full of surprise! For this set, I want something very unexpected. To build up the wow factor of the look, I went with edgy staples: blacks + gold/studs and to nail the look, a pop of color is a must! Hence, the blue Doc Marten booties.
1. Pastel Colors
2. Dainty Prints
3. Flowy Skirts
4. Lace/Ruffles/Bows
5. Pearl Accessories

Girly outfits are all about pastels and dainty prints and so I did a little experiment on prints, and I love how perfect the prints of the romper and JC boots matched! I would want to wear this set myself! As for the hair, a cute bow to finish off your half-up-half-down hairdo would be a delight. Remember, the main thing to achieve a girly look is, well, to know how to be the girliest girl on earth!
1. Vintage Items
2. Classic ensemble
3. Retro/DIY accessories
4. Mixing High-end and Low-end
5. One-of-a-Kind pieces

Indie style is similar to classic but it focuses more on vintage clothing/items. This whole look is filled with retro items such as the plaid print, motorcycle booties, sunnies, and even the bag.

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