Mad Magenta

6:09 am

This is the first time that I wore something I would consider "out of my league". I still have insecurities with my physique and wearing a wrap-around crop top can be too excessive. However, that didn't stop me from wearing it. Cliché as it may sound, but they key to conquer any fears, doubts, and even insecurities, is confidence.

Blacks, a pop of color, and gold details has always been my stylequation for an edgy outfit. I also had a lot fun with the structure and silhouette of the whole look especially the skirt - words cannot describe how much I love it! As for the top, I love how it brings the best of both worlds in one clothing item, it's both sexy and edgy!
Off shoulder crop top from Ripples by Jenny | Magenta Skirt from What a Girl Wants | Boots from Primadonna

Yes, I did cut my hair.

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  1. I love this outfit! And there's that neoprene skirt again! I've been eyeing that skirt (in blue color tho) ever since!!!

    Janine | Lime & Life


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