Monthly Favorites: September 2014

7:04 pm

The first "-BER" month has come to an end! We're just 3 more months away to 2015, time flies by so fast! September has been great towards me and I hope the same goes for all of you. Anyway, let's get in to my monthly faves!

This is my favorite outfit for September 2014. What I love about this look is the fact that I was able to wear this in public without being concerned to what others think. That's the key to a killer confidence! To know more about this look, click this link: Classic Maxi
I am loving the scent of SNOE's Body Ritual Recipes in Pear and Basil Mojito. It has this mild sweet scent that lasts quite longer than my usual cologne. And of course, as you guys may have read from my HAIR TUTORIAL, the texturizing spray from snoe is just awesome! To know more about Snoe Beauty Inc, click the links below:
Snoe Beauty Inc. Blog post
Snoe Website

I've been using Clean and Clear facial ways lately and I love how my face feels so soft after every wash! And also, these eyebrow pencils, which I got from Daiso, work wonders! Since I always do my brows, I needed an alternative and that's why I got these babies. Can you believe it's only P88.00/each?
I made this for a one fine day, I actually don't know what to call it but to give you guys an overview, it's a toast, wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese and egg.
And to satisfy my sweet cravings, Bigby's Hillbilly Cube Toast is divine!
La Vie En Rose
Loius Armstrong
I will
The Beatles
I have to say I love you in a song
Jim Croce

So yeah, I've been listing a lot of old songs for this month. I want to have my own ukulele and do a cover of these songs!

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