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This is my first tutorial ever, and hopefully not the last. For this post, I will share to you ladies, a way to style your hair without heat. My hair is naturally wavy and I do not always straighten it. If I want to do something fancy with my hair, I see to it that I only apply a minimal amount of product. For months, I watched a ton of hair tutorials which doesn't require "heat" because I don't want further damages on my hair and thankfully, SNOE opened their 43rd branch in the country, here in CDO! One of the products I admire from their line is the Hair Heroes Texturizing Beach Waves.
The texturizing spray helps you achieve effortless beach waves in just a matter of minutes. If you think you're having a bad hair day, you will love this spray! It has instructions on a sticker located at the back of the bottle but I want to show to you guys HOW I USE IT.
STEP 1. Dry your hair.
If you just washed your hair, make sure it's dry before continuing to the next step. Although, I would recommend a 2-day old hair (for some reason, I found out that waves are much nicer with a 2-day old hair. I'm not really sure why).
STEP 2. Comb your hair.
Make sure you detangle your hair good.
STEP 3. Use SNOE Texturizing Spray.
Shake the bottle well and spray a fairly small amount of the product on your palm.
STEP 4. Apply the product on your hair.
Apply the product on your hair. I normally apply it to the tips of my hair where most of my natural waves appear. You can apply it from the roots to the tips if you prefer so. Scrunch your hair in the process as well.
STEP 5. Bun up!
Do a low messy bun if you want lose waves. You may opt to divide your hair in to 2 sections and braid each section if you want finer waves. Wait for about 5-10 minutes.
STEP 6. Let it go, let it go!
Unravel your hair and enjoy your cool beach waves!
I've been using this product for about a week and I really am loving it to bits. But there isn't a thing in the world which is flawless. Let me share to you the pros and cons I have observed (again, this is from my POV).
1. It works on thick hair just fine.
2. I enjoy the fruity smell it has.
3. It is minty and leaves your hair feeling cool.
4. It isn't sticky/greasy as I though it would be.
5. This product helps moisturize and texturize your hair.
6. With the cute packaging and the result you get, I think it is safe to say that it is reasonably priced at P299.00 for a 50mL bottle. 

1. It only comes in a 50mL bottle.
2. It doesn't last throughout the day, reapplication is necessary if you want to keep the look. As for me, I have a natural wavy hair and I don't find it necessary to reapply the product as much as one would do if they have a straight hair.
I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! I will be doing more tutorials in the future and perhaps make a youtube channel for it? Yes? We'll see.
***SNOE Beauty Inc. is located at the GF of Centrio Mall, CDOC

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  1. Waaaah this is such a cool product! Would definitely grab one!!! Is it available here in Cebu too? :)

    Janine |

    1. Yes it is! Visit these malls:
      Ayala Center Cebu – Metro Gaisano Department Store
      One Pavillion Mall – Department Store, 2/F

      Shop online at


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