Flashback Friday At Bigby's

6:05 pm

Bigby's Restaurant is, and will always be, my favorite restaurant in the city. Whenever my family celebrates an occasion, or at times when I feel like I want to pig out, this is the first restaurant which comes to my mind. I love how their travel-inspired ambience complements their food, somehow you will feel like you time-traveled to another country.

This year, Bigby's celebrates it's 16th year in the food industry with a new interior and new menu. I must say, I am very impressed on how cool their renovation ended up - great architecture and furniture, overall a really "insta-worthy" dining place. They have more space for customers not only eat at but also for those who would want to use their function room as well.

Mikko Mahinay, to whom I'm truly grateful for, invited me along with other guests to the relaunching of their restaurant. It was surreal to believe how 130 guests excluding the staff, fit inside the space. #FlashbackfridayatBigbys was a hit and everyone had one of the greatest nights of their lives as we munched good food along with good people! Also, there was an auction for awesome prizes, one in which was a vintage camera which had everyone stick their eyes to.
Photo from Paula
Photo from Andrew Pablico
They have introduced a number of great dishes over the last 16 years but because of the dynamic change of the customer's demands, there were some meals taken off from the menu. However, patrons across the branches of Bigby's Restaurant requested a "comeback" for some of the bestsellers which were listed off. Hence, the #flashbackfridayatbigbys happened. I salute Bigby's for acknowledging their loyal customers (talk about quality customer service!). Now you can enjoy again Tsunami Chops, Kamikazi Balls, Chili Flappers, Bermuda Triangle Salad, Triple Decker Club, Chicken Julius, Kimmy Chunky Stew, Riverside Thrill, Mojo Chicken Q (This was one of my faves as well!), Creole Pasta, Pasta Mariscos, Porky Steak and Hillbilly Cube Toast! Let these photos appetize you!
Creole Pasta
Chili Flappers
Hillbilly Cube Toast
Fishermans Catch
Kimmy Chunky Stew
Pasta Mariscos
Riverside Thrill
Rosemary Chicken
Belly Buster
Caramel Cheesecake
Blossoming Spinach Dip
Food Trip Platter
Strawberry Shortcake
Photo from Florence Velasco

So what are you guys waiting for? Come home to Bigby's Centrio branch and have the best dining experience!

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