Classic Maxi

6:32 pm

This outfit gave me an excuse to wear my leopard print scarf - it just gave a simple look a bit of "oomph" without me having to over accessorize. But considering the weather we have here in the Philippines, it is fair enough to say that wearing a scarf is ridiculous; here is where my philosophy on style intervenes.

Style is something you live for, it is a way for you to express yourself. It is something beyond the common law of fashion because style, itself, is your own law - for me, that's the difference between style and fashion. Yes, it is definitely "boiling" here in the Philippines but that doesn't totally prohibits me from wearing a scarf. If I feel like wearing a scarf, I will wear it regardless of what people would say. So yeah, my leopard print scarf completes my look and that makes me happy.
White Top from Stylestrutter CDO | Maxi Skirt from Fab Closet CDO | Aldo Watch | Rusty Lopez Wedge | Ray-Ban Aviator Shades | Thrift Bangles | BKK Leopard Scarf

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  1. Great outfit! And I totally agree with what you have said. Style is something that you own. :)

    Janine | Lime Life


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