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8:04 pm

This is the outfit I wore at the Flashback Friday at Bigby's event. The dress code given to us was "black smart casual" (or so I thought it was, most of the guests were dressed to kill!). Nowadays, I don't usually wear black but I've been meaning to, so when Mikko Mahinay mentioned the dress code, I got excited.

Back in high school, my entire wardrobe was filled with black items - tops, pants, accessories, I'm even embarrassed to say this, but I even wore black eyeliner whenever I go out of the house! It was crazy! But when I became more fond of fashion, I challenged myself to try different things. Since then, I stopped dipping myself to solely wearing black.

You guys might wonder why I got too addicted to it. Here's the thing, I always had insecurities with  my physique. I am not confident with how my body looks and that's why I have been working my butt off to lose weight. I used to starve myself just to tone down but if I cannot control myself, I would wear something black because of the slimming effect I'd get. That's the main reason why I wore a lot of black outfits(and maybe because I thought I was a punk/emo/rocker girl. Why am I doing this to myself?).
Guess Sheer top | Spoiled Bratte Skirt | Primadonna Wedges | Aldo Watch

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  1. Wow what can I say? I experienced the same thing too but until now I'm still not confident about my shape especially that I have gone through pregnancy already. It's good to work out to lose weight but not as much. Yung sakto lang. Hehe. And you already look beautiful and fit so no worries na. Hehe :)



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