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Hey guys! You might have noticed some changes with my social media accounts which took place over the weekend. As much as I would like to share the reason behind it, I decided not to for personal reasons. So yeah, I'll be using my Chinese ancestral surname along with my nickname: Jassie Chia, for all of my social media accounts except for my exclusive Facebook account

My blog also has a new name, from Clicks+Stitches, I renamed it to Stylequation. I noticed that I frequently use/say the word "stylequation" whenever I publish an outfit post. Because of this, I made a change to my blog's name as it reflects the content of my blog better that the former one. Also, I find it very playful since it's a combination of the words, style and equation.

Since my blog is being "reborn" I thought that it would be best to make new blog series to write about. Last June, I went through a blog slump. It made me think that my blog is becoming more of a collection of outfits which I have worn and nothing else. Somehow, I felt my blog is boring as it only revolves around outfit posts, a bit of food reviews, and some events. As a blogger, I want to share more stuff about the things I love, and so I thought of starting 2 new blog series: Stylequation101 and Style Steal, along with my 2 running series, Food Trip Saturdays and Monthly Favorites.

I really am looking forward to writing about new and fun stuff! Cheers to change!

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  1. Lovely new layout!!! :) Great blog, too x

    ♥ Erika from STYLE AND SUNDRY (
    LATEST POST: Preview Best-Dressed Ball 2014 - Skin City


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