21 and counting

8:35 pm

On July 7, 1993 at exactly 8:15 in the morning, a baby girl weighing 8 lbs was born. Since then, my life has been a series of ups and downs, just like everyone else's. Today marks a new year for me - a year of struggle, joy, and adventure. Being officially 21 means that I have to be more mature in almost everything but it isn't requiring me (and I guess everyone else for that matter) to drastically change into someone who people are expecting me to be.

I treat birthdays as my new years (d'oh). I've made and kept more birthday resolutions that new year's because, for me, it feels right that way. My birthday resolutions are all about personal things which I want to change, and for some, keep or improve. My introversion and inferiority complex are the two things on my list which I want to work on seriously, while optimism and patience are the things which I need to improve. I have one whole year to improve on those things, wish me luck!
Moving on to the outfit, I wore this mint vintage collared dress with, of course, a floral print. This dress reminds me of yesteryear's fashion, specifically what my mom used to wear. I paired it with a white wedge which I recently got, and accessorized with fake pearls, suede belt, and a rose ring.

I am in love with this outfit because, it not only features my love for everything floral and pastel but also it's such an "easy" outfit. It's casual yet classy at the same time - the look which I am trying to get recently in most of my style files. And I just realized the perfect stylequation to nail a perfect girly look: Pastel, Pearls, and PLORAL Prints. (pun intended)

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