Street Style Shoot

5:37 pm

Street Style
Model: Alexa Ferus
HMUA: Frank Tongco
Stylist: Jassie Adriano
Photographer: Fourth Legara
Organizer: Lai Serrano
Special Thanks to: Chingkee Te

"This shoot was significant to me. This was a surprise shoot organized by my sweetest Lai Serrano. She noticed that I haven't done a more personal shoot for quite some time already and photography, to me, has become more of a work than a personal activity. Without, informing me she called up model Alexa Ferus, makeup artist Frank Tongco, and stylist/blogger Jassie Adriano if they are up for a casual shoot. She then asked Chingkee Te if we could use her lovely place, CHINGKEETEA for our preparation. Then i was informed the night before the shoot.

It's been a while and it was a great feeling to shoot something for myself once again." -Fourth Legara

Fourth and Lai are one of the couples I adore, aren't they so sweet! Thanks Lai for letting me style this shoot! 

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