Food Trip Saturday: Redtail Shrimps and More, and Mango Mania

8:25 pm

 I thought of doing a blog post on food every Saturday because it's my only cheat day, so, this will be the first entry for that blog segment! For this post, I'll give you guys an overview on Redtail Shrimps and More, and Mango Mania.

 Redtail Shrimps and More recently opened (I think around the last week of April) at Papa Juanitos Square, near CCF where I attend Sunday Church services. I've seen tons of photos of people who already tried eating there, so I tagged my food buddy with me and had lunch there.
So we ordered their bestseller: Medium Spicy Redtail Style Shrimps, with creamy seafood chowder on the side. We were surprised by how they served the food; we are all accustomed of having our meals served on plates, but Redtail had their bestseller inside a plastic bag. I actually wanted to ask why they decided to do so, but since it got kind of busy the moment we received our meal, I hesitated to ask just so I wouldn't disturb the crew. If I could drop by again and ask, I'll note it on this post. They also gave us a plastic bib and gloves which I find very helpful when eating. The sauce would spatter all over your top if you don't use the bib, so let's make use of it.

The Medium Spicy Redtail Style Shrimps is delectable, to the nth power. This may have been the best shrimps I've ever had in my entire life! (Well, next to my mom's cooking, of course.) But if you guys love spicy food like me, it's best to go with Spicy instead of Medium Spicy.
 I was also able to take a photo of their menu in case you guys would want to check it out.
 It got hot in the afternoon, so we decided to drop by Mango Mania, Lifestyle District, Corrales Ext., Cdo, to cool off a bit. This is actually not our first time here, that's why we already know what we wanted to have: MANGO SHAKE!
 Mangoes are my most favorite fruit and when Mango Mania opened during the early weeks of April, I really had to try everything there.
 Since we were still stuffed by what we ate for lunch, we didn't have room for any desserts aside from the shake. We only had mango shake with mango cubes on top and it only costs P65.00. Unlike other fruit shakes where you could taste milk, sugar, etc., mango mania was able to preserve that legit mango sweetness, that's a definite thumbs up from me! Next time, we will try their pastry and such, so watch out for that!
 This is my lazy food trip outfit: Oversized Beverly Hills Polo Club Button Down Shirt, Floral Print Pants, and I actually wore my fitflops for my shoes.
Here's a preview of my next FTS post! Can't wait to gobble up more food!

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