Food Trip Saturday: Chingkeetea, Alberto's Pizza, and J's Burger

8:36 pm

After a long week, nothing beats a gobble-all-you-want day! I've been craving for 6 days and I'm rewarding myself with carbs-on-carbs-on-carbs. I might have ate a bit overboard this time though, meh, it's my cheat day!

I didn't eat breakfast intentionally because Chingkeetea just announced a new product: Mochi Waffles. The owner, Chingkee Te, already gave me a heads up about this a week before it was announced which had me anticipate for my next cheat day. So, what are mochi waffles? Well it's their new brunch dish, your typical waffle only that it has a hint of a mochi taste, hence the name.
Mochi waffles are a delight. For only P55.00, you can grab a taste of heaven in every bite! You can also choose to have chocolate waffles or matcha waffles.
I was dared by someone to eat a whole pizza on my own. I was like, "seriously? that's it? I live to eat pizza!". It has been my all-time favorite food and having been dared to eat 1 box on my own, I just couldn't say no. I had pizza from Alberto's pizza since it was just beside Chingkeetea.
I'm already familiar with Alberto's pizza, and I guess everyone who has been to Chingkeetea already knows about it. But for everyone's information, Alberto's pizza is a local pizza joint serving a variety of flavors in a very low price! What I had was a 9" Ham Delight Pizza with Quickmelt cheese, and it was for only P115.00! Their prices vary depending on the flavor, size, and what cheese will be used (mozzarella or quickmelt cheese).
My last stop today was at J's burger. I haven't tried their burgers yet so I thought of sharing to you guys my experience.
They have 2 branches, one at Lifestyle District and the other at Tomas Saco corner 6th streets, Nazareth, CDOC. We dropped by Nazareth Branch because we were near there.
It was so hard to choose from their menu, why? Everything looks good, and it was reasonably priced.
I love the western ambiance of J's burger. That photo wall would have to be my favorite part in their shop!

Their best sellers are the Frank Sinatra (P180) and Homer burgers (P170). Both are scrumptious! 

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