Back to my style roots

8:55 pm

I'm back to laid-back! After weeks of dolling up, I decided to dress down to be reunited with my style roots. Confession time! I'm not always in the mood to give effort to any of my outfit, heck, I would always be seen in a pair of shorts and a plain/printed shirt, along with my flip-flops or at times, sneakers. This outfit is one of those times when I feel all lazy and too casual.

Nothing beats a knitted pullover, pair of shorts, and sneakers combo for a lazy day out. One of the things I love about dressing down is that I don't have to feel uneasy when I walk out of the house. Although I don't really mind what people say about how I dress at times when I give effort to what I wear, sometimes, it's nice to feel like no one's judging what outfit you've come up with.

Regardless of whether I dress up or dress down, I will not be seen without any floral print. If you've been reading my blog for the past few months, you already know why. As much as I would want to drop the floral print, I just can't. Gotta have with me my floral print at all times, bro.
By the way, I had my outfit based on an iPod touch casing. The nice thing about inspiration is that it doesn't have a distinct physique, allowing us to come up with ideas from almost everything we see. So, today's style tip would be: Be inspired. By doing so, you get to be more creative with what you wear, so don't close out on the various things you see around you.
Knitted Sweater from True Love, SM Dept. Store | Navy Blue Sneakers from Vans | Thrift Floral Shorts | Aldo Watch | Shoebox Floral Rucksack

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