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8:13 pm

A play on neutral colors and denim. Adding denim gives out a different feel to any outfit - dress, sleeveless, plain shirt, etc. It goes to show how flexible denim items are, making it to any girl's fashion must-haves.

This is the outfit I wore for the Make Your Own Havaianas 2014 First Dibs Event, I know it isn't complimenting our weather recently, but hey, who says I can't wear a denim jacket on a summer's day, right? That's the thing about style, you don't have to dwell with the rules of fashion.

I went for an easy outfit. Yes, it was way too hot for me to wear a denim jacket (although my jacket isn't that thick), that's why I compromised by wearing a sheer top and a pair of shorts. To complement the neutral colors of my outfit, I wore my boho necklace, brown leather watch and bag, and a high flip-flops. I also wore a pair of round sunnies to give off a pinch of indie vibe.
Brown Fit-flops | Shorts from Summer Salt, SM Dept. Store | BKK Denim Jacket | Jiovanni Bag

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