Summer Breeze

8:21 pm

Days after my short vacation in Davao (which I will be blogging about next week) I headed off to a breezy place just to get my mind off a bit. Summer in CDO is heating up, literally. Opting to visit Ultra Winds was the best thing I've ever thought of.

I went directly to the restaurant because I didn't have any plans on riding the zip line. Also, the weather was so intense thus I needed to shade myself from the scorching heat.
This is the rest of the restaurant. It was spacious and mind the scenery it has!
Insta-pose! With a view like this, who wouldn't, right?
This place is perfect for an afternoon and evening dates! Get all lovey-dovey with your special someone in this very romantic place. 
The food they serve are exquisite. The food presentation is very neat and the taste is just delish!
Moving on to the outfit. Since it was really hot that day, of course, I would wear my typical style equation: Floral top + Shorts + Flats.
"Live for the moments you cannot put into words" - Paola Pilapil. I love my #SummerTypoBag made by the ever talented typographer, Ate Paola Pilapil. It's a very versatile and trendy, and surprisingly inexpensive bag. When I saw it, I really knew I had to have it! You can buy the bag straight from Ate Paola, I will put the details below this post. Oh! I'm also loving my flats from Spruce! Can't get enough of it's comfort and style, traveling to different places has just gotten better! 
Beverly Hills Polo Club Botton down | Black Sheep White Shorts | Spruce Collection flats | Summer Typo Bag from Paola Pilapil | Casey Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie | Aldo Watch

So guys, April's about to end. We've only got one more month to enjoy summer vacation. Where are you guys heading to next? 

Summer Typo Bag
Paola Pilapil


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