Monthly Faves: April 2014

7:35 pm

 And here I am again sharing to you guys my monthly favorites! Although I still have posts on queue to be published, I can't miss out on this one. Anyway, today marks the last day of April, 2014. April was hot, literally HOT. And so, I've been wearing casual outfits more often: Tees+Shorts galore.

 Instead of having to post all of my favorite fashion finds, I decided to just summarize everything in one photo, why? Well, less clutter. Speaking of clutter, on a very unrelated note, I have deleted a lot of instagram photos. From 850+ down to 290+. I got rid of #mapoti-ish posts (selfies, unappetizing foodtography, more selfies...). Going back on track now, for this month, since the heat was (and is) so intense, I would find myself wearing plain/printed cropped tees similar to the Sunflower Print Cropped top from Tiny's Closet. Of course, as part of the equation, you can never go wrong with high-waist shorts. For my footwear, the ever comfy Bensimon Sneakers and the perfect summer buddy, flip-flops from havaianas which I bought from Spruce Ph. My statement accessory for this month would have to be my sunnies from Sunnies By Charlie. Last but definitely not the least, is my #SummerTypoBag made by the ever beautiful and talented, Paola Pilapil.
 For beauty faves let me start with Nivea Sunblock. It's a must have especially for summer! I easily get dark skin, and so I had to apply Pond's day cream after taking a bath and apply the sunblock moments before I go out of the house. I also had choppy and dry lips which I found very aggravating. So, I whipped out my fave Lip Smackers and VS Minty Lipgloss which I alternatively use. I am, once again, addicted over my VS Amber Romance Body mist.
 I promised myself that by the end of April, I should have reached my weight goal. But because I spent a week in Davao, I can't resist eating yummy treats, for instance the Java Chip Freezicino and the mouthwatering oreo cream cheese cake from Green Coffee, Davao City.
 Since my diet consisted mainly of chicken meat, I only had to eat, well, chicken. It was very fortunate that Bon Chon Chicken has a branch in Davao! I personally like their Spicy Chicken Chops (Chicken Fillet).
During our road trip to Davao, I immersed myself with music to enjoy the long trip. Here are my top 3, most played songs for this month:
Summer Paradise
Simple Plan
La Da Dee
Cody Simpson
Bohemian Rhapsody
(This is my road trip jam, btw!)

Well, I guess that's it for this month's faves! Watch out for my May Faves soon!

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