Modern Alice

10:12 pm

Modern Alice was the theme during the brunch we had at Missy Bon Bon. It's a good pick especially that Easter Sunday is fast approaching (although I do not actually know the reason why rabbits are associated with Easter, can someone please enlighten me?). 

For my outfit, I was inspired, of course, by Alice. The first thing which came to my mind was the colors used in her outfit: blue, white, and black. So, tadaaa! this is what I came up with.
I've blogged about this top already but now, I thought of doing something different with it. Instead of wearing it similarly to how I wore it before, I tied it up! Insta-style! Also, I wanted to wear white knee-high socks and pair it up with black Mary Jane heels but it would seem as if I'll be cosplaying her, which doesn't really suit me at all. So I took out my oxfords as a touch of my own style. Oh! How could I even forget about my humongous bag from one of my favorite local brands? 
Top from Spoiled Bratte | Scallop-trim skirt from Never Been Kissed | Oxfords from GIBI | Bag from Our Tribe | Aldo Watch

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