Explore Davao 1 (part1)

8:44 pm

 Last week, my family visited Davao city in time for the Holy week. I would always get excited whenever we plan on making quick local visits because it is an avenue for us to get to know parts of our country even better. Although, this isn't my first time visiting Davao, the excitement was still overflowing.

We went on for a road trip from CDO to Davao. It may not seem like it but I actually love long road trips. Why? Unlike airplane flights, I get to see more places before I could actually arrive to the designated place. Also, I love listening to old songs played inside the car, songs by Peter, Paul, and Mary, Jim Croce, Bread, and Kenny Rankin to name a few, but if you ask me what is my fave road trip song, it would be Bohemian Rhapsody by The Queen. I would literally sing with it and bang my head when the rock part comes. Lastly, the excitement of reaching the place builds up.
We arrived around 2PM in Davao. We just directly hit the sack since we were all tired and all. The next day, we decided to go to People's Park. It was really a sunny day that time, perfect for outdoor activities!
What I actually like about People's Park is that it has these benches quite similar to the one in Disney Land, HK. It even has the same vibe as the one is Disney Land. So thumbs up for that.

When I saw this sculpture of a group of people eating Durian, I literally became hungry. Yes, I eat Durian. Yes, I don't find the smell unpleasant. Yes, I sometimes get addicted to it.
For my outfit, I'll be making a separate post about it.
People's Park is located at Palma Gil St. Davao City.

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