Brunch at Missy Bon Bon

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Last week, I was invited to have #BrunchatMissyBonBon (at 4pm), along with other friends and new acquaintances. It was a delight to have been invited to such an event because, I just recently earned my college degree and the "brunch" kind of acted like a celebratory meal with other blogger friends. I also met new ones!

Being the idiot that I am, I didn't realize that I brought my nifty-fifty lens instead of my 18-55 kit lens. I pardon for not being able to show you guys how WONDERFUL the place was decorated by none other than Mikko Mahinay himself!
So, what's #BrunchatMissyBonBon all about? Well, this month, Missy Bon Bon is celebrating it's anniversary and they've decided to have a Brunch Buffet every Saturday and Sunday for this month, starting from 10am-1pm.
Photo by Limketkai Center

Photo by Limketkai Center
They were generous enough to have us be their first guests! We really are thankful for such an opportunity. They filled our bellies with scrumptious food that made us forget about the word "DIET".
Photo by Limketkai Center
Here's a preview of what all of us ate! As much as I would want to make a full-post about every dish we ate, I skipped that part for two reasons: I don't want you guys to drool over this post, and being tempted to grab any random snack, and eventually feel bloated. And two, I want you to taste the food yourself! For the purpose of reference though, I would want to share to you guys my top 5!
1. Sizzling sausage and mushroom with crispy cracker crumbs (1st row,2nd photo from the left)
It has sausage and mushroom, what could go wrong?! The sausage was delish, very delish!
2. Rosemary Chicken (2nd row, 1st photo from the right)
I'm religiously following a diet plan which requires me to eat chicken most of the time. When I saw they were serving the Rosemary Chicken, I was like "I'm gonna dig in and no one's gonna stop me!". But then, just across the table was Desiree Adrienne Lim, the famous gym junkie. If you were in my position, what would you guys do? Hmmmm? Anyway, the chicken was a delight! If you guys are running short to eat the rosemary chicken at Bigby's, this is your chance to pig out at Missy Bon Bon's brunch buffet! 
3. Cream of squash soup (2nd row, 2nd photo from the left)
I'm very particular with vegetables. I only eat leafy veggies and because squash isn't one, "ain't nobody got time for that!". All things changed when I got to taste it. At first, I wasn't able to hear the name of the soup when Ate Paola announced it, and so I tasted it. I never thought it'd be a veggie soup, let alone a squash soup because it was so creamy and thick, and the taste was just not-much-of-a-veggie taste. I highly recommend this for "self-proclaimed" veggie-allergic individuals to try this out!
4. Fish Teriyaki (4th row, 1st photo from the left)
Because the pork/beef teriyaki is mainstream! It's something new but not, if you get what I mean. Take a break from pork and beef and try fish teriyaki for a change!
5. Crispy Danggit (1st row, 3rd photo from the left)
Sapagkat dugong Pinoy ang dumadaloy sa aking mga ugat, hindi ko matiis na hindi malasap sa sarap ng danggit. Ito'y isa sa pinakapaboritong agahan ng mga Pinoy lalo na kapag ito'y pinares sa sinangag at kape. Ako'y humihingi po ng paumanhin sa desisyong mag-tagalog, kasi, wala lang. Danggit eh. Lumalabas po yung pagka taga Luzon ko.

Good food and small chit-chats are the best! There was never a dull moment during the program, all thanks to the wonderful Ate Paola for doing a good job hosting the event, while resisting the urge to eat every food she announced before even mentioning it! Cheers to that!

After the program, of course, we took tons of photos to commemorate such fun event! I wanted to have a photo taken together with every person who attended the brunch. But because I didn't have the liberty of time (especially when my sundo is right outside the venue), I was only able to take few ones.
Photo by Mikko Mahinay
The Gang (Insert Chingkee Te)
Photo by Mikko Mahinay
Again, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Mikko Mahinay for inviting me! God bless you, Mikko! More success to you!
Oh! Missy Bon Bon also gave us their new choco hazelnut pastel! You guys MUST try this!

So again, MBB Brunch Buffet will be held every Saturday and Sunday for the month of April, from 10am-1pm. It's only for P350.00/head but if you have a child who's 0-5yrs old, they get to eat FREE! Also, MBB would appreciate it if you could take pictures and upload it via instagram/fb/twitter with the hashtag: #BrunchatMissyBonBon

Hope you guys could drop by MBB, Limketkai for Brunch!

For my outfit, I will just make a separate post about it tomorrow :)

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