Sunny Day

9:16 pm

We actually had an awesome sunny morning and it inspired me to wear something "light" and easy. This is actually my take on wearing pastel colors and of course, my fashion staple print: floral.

I'm being dragged to wearing printed pants/leggings after buying my Levi's floral print pants. I actually don't exactly know the reason why but I think wearing printed pants would be great for summer. Top it off with a knitted/crochet top and viola! Effortless, yet still an eye-catching outfit!

For the accessories, I didn't go all crazy. I just wore my aldo watch with a white strap attached and had my gold leaf necklace to add a striking color for my top. And yes, I'm wearing my SBC sunnies again because you can never go wrong with a pair of white Cassey on the go!
Spruce Top and White Slingback havaianas | Honey Drop Japan Floral Leggings | Accessorize bag | Aldo Watch | Sunnies by Charlie Cassey Sunnies

Oh! By the way guys, I'll be posting my giveaway either by tomorrow or by Wednesday! Do look forward to it! Here's a glimpse of what's up for grabs!

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