March Monthly Faves

8:55 pm

It's time for another Monthly Faves post! Wow! I was able to update this 3 months in a row. I'm starting to get used to this!

You guys already know the story behind this cap, have you bought yours yet? That cap is still avail at WAGW stores for P298.00, buy 1 before they run out!
WAGW "What I guy/girl wants" snapback cap - P298.00
Floral fetish, I just can't stop! No judging please but come on! Who could say no to these fab accessories? 
Stuffsforher Floral Watch (P225.00) and Statement Necklace (P195.00)
SUNNIES! I'm prepping up for a sunny summer ahead, and so I bought these fun sunnies. 
Fly Shades Blue Floral Sunnies (P430.00)
Sunnies By Charlie White Casey (P399.00), Transparent Red Rooney (P399.00), Mint Clara (P499.00)
Oh! By the way, if you want to WIN a Transparent Red Ronney like the I have, go to this link. Best of luck!
I also am loving the floral crown MadeBetter2014 gave me and the printed leggings and shorts I have on the photo above.
(Details of the leggings and shorts)
MadeBetter2014 Floral Crown, Honey Drop Japan Leggings and Black Sheep floral shorts
So these are the beauty products I've been using for this month. First off is the Aqua Savon Hair and Body Mist which I got as a gift. It came from Japan so I wouldn't know how much it costs and where it has been bought. Next is the elf Tinted Moisturizer which became a substitute for my foundation+moisturizer products. I like using this tinted moisturizer because it has a fairly good coverage, it has SPF, and it isn't that expensive. I also am loving the Kara Perfume which I also got as a gift from Japan. I'm not really a fan of Kara but I am a fan of their "Mister" song where they are known for their epic butt dance. The perfume has this mild scent which I really adore, also the cute packaging it came with is a plus! And lastly Maybelline's Baby Skin. If you want your face to be smooth as a baby's bottom, go and buy this product!
You guys should try eating at Tokyo Bubble Tea. They serve Asian (mostly Korean and Japanese) dishes there! My top picks are Bibimbap, Beef Gyudon, Sizzling Chicken aaaaand, I forgot the name of the 3rd pic! Teehee. I'll edit this as soon as I get to know the name of the dish.
Christina Grimmie - Wrecking Ball
Nearing the end of February, I was shocked to see Christina Grimmie aka zeldaxlove64 (if you are subscribed to her youtube channel) on The Voice. As I recall, Christina already has her own album, "With Love" (my fave track is "Tell My Mama, btw") and I thought she didn't have to join singing competitions because, well, have you heard her sing? Well anyway, on one side, I am happy that she is making a big entrance to the public, I really am hoping that she wins! Her version of "Wrecking Ball" was EPIC! And I gotta say, I like her version than Miley's.
Imagine Dragons - Demons
THIS SONG IS SO DEEP! Don't judge this song by the title, listen to it first. I don't want to give my own explanation/understanding of this song because I myself couldn't put the right words to it.
Jason Segel (Marshall Eriksen) - You just got slapped
And because #HIMYM is ending... NO! I DON'T WANT IT TO END! This is the song Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) sang to Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) in the episode Slapsgiving. Man, I just can't get hold of myself. I love this show to bits and knowing it's gonna end tomorrow gives me a bittersweet feeling: Happy that I get to know the story and sad that it has to end so soon. P'shaw, all good things come to an end indeed.

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