I'm what a guy wants!

9:58 pm

I gave in to the bandwagon! Some of you might have noticed this cap from social media platforms like FB and most especially, instagram. This cap is actually for a campaign initiated by the fashion brand, WAGW (What A Girl Wants), to remind that regardless of how different we look, we are still wanted by someone.

I honestly am moved by this campaign. A lot of people tend to compare themselves with another person, thinking how great it would be like to fill in that person's "popular" shoes. Those people would change their personality and behavior prior to the latter. It causes depression, and lack of self-esteem and confidence. 

The thing is, we don't have to change ourselves to prove we are worthy to be wanted. We don't have to give in to the deceiving call of social media just to get someone's attention. We don't have to ask hundreds of photo likes on our facebook photo uploads just to feel someone appreciates us. It's all a hassle. Why bother spending your life's limited hours on a bothersome activity when you can opt to live your life comfortably being YOU?

I have tons of flaws since I'm never near being perfect. But you know what? Despite all of my imperfections as a girl (too competitive even at video games, too much of a perfectionist, and the list goes on!), I'm still confident that I'm what a guy wants.
You can support the campaign by purchasing the snapback cap for only P298.00, at any WAGW branch near you! They'd also love it if you could tag @shopwagw via instagram if you plan on taking a #selfie wearing the cap.
WAGW Snapback cap | Primadonna Boots | Alberto Leather Sling bag | Next Jeans Pants | Timex Watch | Levi's sheer button-down | Stuffsforher Aviator shades

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  1. awesome look! <3 so nice to see a lot of people supporting WAGW's campaign :)



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