Casual Sundays

10:21 pm

Casual Sundays are the best! I would always dress down on weekends, this has became a thing for me. 
Sunday is the best day of the week, subjectively speaking. It's a time to fully replenish the soul and body, after a long week at school. As much as possible, I would lie low on dressing up, no accessories, no fancy cloth, etc... Just me wrapped up in a cotton top, acid-washed shorts, and trusty sneakers.
There's also something about Sundays that makes every song on my playlist, PERFECT. I can't actually point it out but whenever I would listen to my fave songs every Sunday, I tend to appreciate it more.
Top and Shorts from NEXT JEANS, LA GEAR Sneakers, iPod Touch 5th Gen, Pink
Peace out to y'all! Cheers to an awesomely peaceful Sunday!

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