Before I MARCH (Quick update)

8:51 pm

MARCH IS HERE! I'll be busy as ever starting tomorrow (well, tonight actually) and I might not be able to update real soon. I'll be taking my finals this week and I need to pass all my requirements asap. Well anyway, I just wanted to do a quick update on thing's to look forward to for this month.

SUNDAY MORNING OOTD POST. The photo above is a teaser for my next ootd post!

MONDAY RANTS. I'll be doing a new blog segment where I basically rant on political, social, environmental, etc. stuff. IDK why but I just felt like doing one, especially since a lot has been happening lately and I want to share my views about it.

WHAT'S INSIDE MY BAG. I wanted to do an updated version of this, I think it's been over a year since I last made this post.

GIVEAWAY. I'll be throwing my first blog giveaway to celebrate 2 things: Graduation day and my Blog's anniversary. I could've made the giveaway possible last January 1, 2014 but there were too many school stuff I had to prioritize.

MARCH MONTHLY FAVE. Of course, I made a vow to myself to post monthly faves on schedule.

So, those are just few things I have for you guys for this month of MARCH. Wish me luck for my finals!

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