Fleur d'été + Summer Must Haves Giveaway!

7:25 pm

Kicking off the summer season with some floral fun! I know, I know. I'm too much of a floral junkie but you can't blame me for that. Similar to my previous post, I went for a pastel-themed outfit with a wee bit of floral (yeah, right) to embrace summer!

Oh, do continue reading this post if you want to win a transparent Red Rooney Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie and a yellow daisy floral crown, handmade by CDO's very own online shop, MadeBetter2014.

This is, by far, my most fun #ootd post ever! With all the pastel-y colors and floral print here and there, not to mention the artsy place where I had my photos taken which surprisingly matched my outfit, and of course, the super sunny weather we had this morning! Everything was all perfectly in place!

I am surprised how this outfit became really girly when I intended to just go for a very lax style. It started with the floral shorts I got from Black sheep. Just look at, it's screaming out "girlify me!". Collectively, I think my accessories played the biggest part in achieving this look. Knowing what accessories will match your outfit is important, for instance, I just wore a plain crop top and a pair of printed shorts, take down the accessories and it'll look very different (I suppose).
What a Girl Wants (WAGW) Plain Crop Top | Black Sheep Pastel Floral Shorts | Mint Clara Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie | White Slingback Havaianas from Spruce | Necklace and Watch from Stuffsforher | Floral Crown from Madebetter2014

By the way, I would like to thank Madebetter2014 for my floral crown. The owner was too generous enough to give me 2 floral crowns as a gift which I really, really, LOVE. They make superb floral crowns from superb materials. Unlike other floral crowns, Madebetter2014 doesn't use hot glue, they use wires to hold the flowers. The crowns they gave me were reliable, they don't get easily destroyed, and it looks very neat! Basically you'll get your money's worth with every purchase! Do check their online shop, I highly recommend this shop if you plan on buying pre-made or customized floral crowns!

Moving on to the giveaway! To celebrate the summer season, my blog's anniversary and of course, my graduation day, I thought of hosting a mini blog giveaway. 2 of my summer must haves are floral crowns and sunglasses, and so, one lucky reader will get a chance to win a yellow daisy floral crown from Madebetter2014 and my current addiction, a pair of Red Transparent Rooney from Sunnies by Charlie.
I've been blabbing about how floral stuff is perfect for the summer season and because I want to share how lovely MadeBetter2014's floral crowns are, I'm giving one away for that lucky person. I swear, you'll love this pretty little thing!
You might have seen this sunnies from my Zalora post, I actually forgot to say that I ordered 2 pairs of the Smokin' Hot, Transparent Red Rooney Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie. Get a chance to win this bold, luscious, and "head-turning" sunnies for summer!

Enough with the jibber-jabber! Here's how to get a chance to win these items!

2. Don't forget to share this photo via twitter and/or instagram. Make sure to tag me (@jassieadriano) and use the hashtags #clicksandstitches #jassieadrianogiveaway . And yes, you may tweet/insta this photo everyday for a better chance of winning! 

This giveaway is only open to CDO residents. The winner will be chosen randomly, best of luck to you all!

DISCLAIMER: The giveaway is not sponsored by Made Better 2014 and Sunnies By Charlie. Both items are personally bought by yours truly.

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