February Monthly Faves!

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It's the last day of the month and it only means it's time for a new "monthly faves" post! For those who doesn't have any idea on what this post is, this is basically where I try to share to you guys all my favorite stuff (frequently used) for a specific month. This is focused on fashion, beauty (minimal), music, and food.

I would like to start off with this fun and colorful necklace. I bought it at a thrift shop, found within the city, for less than P100.00! I would normally wear neutral stuff but this necklace is to cute to say no to.
Perfectly imperfect! I've been using my yellow bennies non-stop this month, especially when I need to run a quick errand or such. Yellow Bensimon Sneakers from SprucePH
Among all the #ootd posts I've published, this is actually my favorite. The outfit looks simple yet it screams FUN all over! You can never go wrong with pairing a dress and a pair of sneakers!
When I went to a convention last week, I was able to drop by the Mall of Asia (MOA) to buy a pair of new sunnies. When I entered the mall, Sunnies by Charlie welcomed me! There were tons of sunglasses to choose from and I can't wait to collect them all! I'm loving my Casey sunnies to bits! I hope Sunnies by Charlie could branch out here ASAP!
CASEY SUNNIES from Sunnies by Charlie
I've had my Victoria's Secret purse for quite some time already. I love this purse because despite the small size, it fits all my cards, coins, and bills altogether without taking up way too much space inside my bag. 
I know this is totally unrelated to fashion but I just had to! I'm a THROW PILLOW LOVER and when I saw this boston terrier-print throw pillow, I hurriedly grabbed and bought it! I just couldn't resist this cute thing!
3 beauty products which I've been using like crazy for this month are the following: Mint perfume, VS Simply Breathless lotion, and AVON planet spa rose clay facial cleanser. One thing's common among the three, I am addicted to their scent. Usually, when buying beauty products, I'm very meticulous when it comes to the scent it bears. The Mint perfume has a mild sweet scent, it lasts for quite some time as well. Before I go to bed, I would always use my VS simply breathless lotion because its scent calms me down. Lastly, AVON's planet spa facial cleanser has this rosy scent which I really like. Oh, I'm also very satisfied with this. My face feels so soft and smooth with every use!
When I arrived in Manila, the first thing that got into my mind (aside from shopping) was, I CAN EAT CHEWY JUNIOR AGAIN! I love CHEWY JUNIOR's set of cream puffs, they're the best! You guys should try it if you could drop by MOA, and Trinoma (among other branches). Go and indulge yourself to its hypnotizing taste!
One of my friends couldn't stop blabbing about wanting to eat at Bulgogi Brothers. I had no choice but to help them (especially HER) get to Greenbelt.
Yes, we're pigs, please don't judge! Anyway, for authentic Korean cuisine, Bulgogi Brothers will fit your taste buds. Visit them at Greenbelt 5 and MOA. 
If you watch Youtube 24/7, you might have encountered Kurt Hugo Schneider's channel. If you haven't, and you want to listen to some good tunes, you might want to check his channel asap. For this month, Kurt Schneider's covers are on my looped playlist. Here are my top 3 covers/mash-ups by him.
#1 LOVE MEDLEY ft. Chester See & Kylee
There are 2 things I love about this song. One, this song is an epic mash-up of 27 love songs! That's just like, WOAH! Second, I SEE, CHESTER SEE! You might have seen him in some of Nigahiga's (Ryan Higa) videos. He's a great singer and have I mentioned he's Pinoy?
#2 STAY THE NIGHT feat. Kina Grannis & Sam Tsui
I acually loved how Hayley Williams sang this song but because Kina is here, I can't help but be biased. Also, she's singing with Sam Tsui. Kurt really knows how to choose singers for a particular song!
#3 SWEATER WEATHER feat. Max Schneider and Alyson Stoner
This song is perfect for rainy and cold days, well, that's what the title of the song suggests anyway. I listen to this song before going to sleep as well!

Well I guess, that's all for this monthly faves. Check back soon for another monthly faves post!

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