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Another year, another set of adventures to face. I don't know about you guys but I'm so excited for 2014! I'm expecting a lot of things to happen, dreams to come true, goals to achieve, and moments to cherish this year. It may not seem like it but I love new years, it's the perfect time to start anew.

I would like to share to you guys my top 2 new year's resolution:
1. Face my fears head-on. It may not seem like it but I do have tons of fears which I conceal from my family and friends because I want to face it on my own but the thing is, I tend to procrastinate solving those problems. I intentionally delay acknowledging problems after problems after problems. It is because I fear that even if I try to resolve those things, I would fail. I'm a very prideful person and failure is one of my enemies. During 2013, I realized that even if I couldn't give the best solution to every problem that I have, at least I faced it head-on, and I guess that's what matters the most. 
2. Express what I feel more with my words. Because I'm an introvert type of person, I tend to seclude myself and my problems from other people. Sometimes, whenever I have concerns, I keep it to myself and assume that the people whom I'm concerned of knows it. One of my marketing instructors (and probably the BEST) said that in order for other people understand, what we really want and how we feel, we need to communicate with them well. We cannot always assume that people would understand what we're trying to say/show them. For them to fully understand the situation, we have to carefully explain it to them.

I actually have a long list of things I would want to change for me to be a better person but it would take me forever to do so. Anyway, what's your top 2 new year's resolution? I'd really love to know!
Moving on to the outfit. The past few months, I've been really obsessed with button-down shirts. My closet is being dominated by it. I actually am supposed to blog about another outfit post, where I am also wearing a button-down shirt, but I had to retake the photos. Anyway, button-down shirts are fashion staples. They can be easily worn with a pair of pants, skirts, basically anything!
To match the holiday season, I wore a pair burgundy pants to give it a bit of color.
I received this uber edgy clutch from my friends at SprucePH. It's an Alexander McQueen inspired clutch which I've been dying to have!
Here's a photo of the clutch's handle details.

Button-down shirt & pants from SM GTW | SprucePh Clutch | Aldo Watch | Primadonna Shoes

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