Better Off Separated: part 2

6:10 pm

 This is the 2nd part of my previous "Better off separated" post. I would've uploaded it sooner but because I have tons of school work to do, my blogging time was almost impossible. Anyway, for this look, I incorporated the color blue again with my floral blazer and added a little bit of glitter to spice it up!

 On my previous post, I wore something casual with my floral shorts and thought I would do an "alter-ego" kind of look with the floral blazer. I don't usually wear something dressy mainly because my wardrobe is full off laid-back pieces, but then, I dared myself and wear a smart casual attire. And this is what I came up with.
 I planned on pairing my blazer with a brighter color but because I perceive my blazer in the shade of blue (the blazer is dominated with more blue-hued colors), I took my royal blue bandage dress from F21 and wore my glitter wedges from Primadonna.

Dress from Forever21 | Blazer from The Savvy Shoppe | Wedges from Primadonna

For my next post, I will be sharing to you guys 2 interesting stuff! Bensimon sneakers has finally landed onto the CDO market and it's making its way to provide comfort and style to everyone! For my other post, I'll be sharing how to customize a plain school backpack in just a matter of minutes! 

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