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Belated Merry Christmas everyone! For starters, I was supposed to post this yesterday, in time for the Christmas day, but because my head started to ache (stupid migraine), I slept early and didn't continue blogging. How was your Christmas day? Hope it wen't fine because mine did. Although it wasn't the Christmas day I've been expecting, at least I was able to take a breather amidst the hectic schedule. Well, Christmas is all about that. Getting together with the family, exchanging gifts and laughter, making memories; I couldn't ask for a better way to spend the Holiday.

True Love Sweater from SM Department Store GTW | Sleek Chic Skorts | Gibi Oxfords | Accessorize Floral Union Jack Weekender Bag | Timex Watch

We did nothing fancy during Christmas day; we all gathered for Noche Buena, exchanged gifts, went to see a movie the morning after; basically the usual and normal Christmas day celebration. The fun starts next year! So stay tuned as I will be blogging about it! 

So, let me blab a thing or two about what Christmas day really is for me. It'd be a cliche if I were to say that we should be reminded of Jesus rather than Santa because Christmas day is Jesus' birthday. Yes, it's true, but if we only focus on that fact alone, it'll just degrade the true essence of Christmas.

For me, Christmas is a time of gathering. Isn't it amazing how throughout the entire year, we preoccupy ourselves with tons of work and at the least, for a day, we can all gather and share happy moments with our family and relatives? Christmas enables the family to catch up with things, to be able to reconnect with the whole family. Second, Christmas is a time of giving. Human as we are, it's so difficult to give more than want to receive more. I mean, who wouldn't, right? We can never top what Christ offered at the cross in order to save us because we're not like Him; divine, holy, and perfect. That actually is the challenge, in our own ways, how can we offer up something just to make others feel saved? It may not be as grand as donating a big amount of money to the marginalized, have you tried sharing your meals to the poor? Either way, you could be a hero in your own ways.

Moving on to the outfit. For this look, I went with a very comfy ensemble (as usual). Since it's a bit more chilly from where I live, I chose to wear a cream knitted top and paired it with a floral skort just to give my look a pop of color. I finished my look with my floral union jack bag and plain oxfords. 

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