Hot Casual Day #inspiredbyhavaianas

4:36 pm

SUMMER ON A SEPTEMBER! Seems like the summer heat has not yet come to an end! It has been steaming hot in CDO for the past few weeks and with that, I opted to wear something comfortable and breezy. In my terminology, comfortable and breezy means sheer tops + shorts + flats/flip-flops, but not just ordinary flip-flops, I have with me my new pair of Havaianas from MYOH 2013! 

I love how Havaianas cares for my feet. It's so comfortable and sturdy that I could walk a thousand miles in it without getting tired or having my pair destroyed. That's why whenever I shop for flip-flops, Havaianas will always be on the top list!

Sheer 3/4 Sleeve Top | Jiovanni Bag | Summer Salt Shorts | Havaianas Flip-flops

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