School Supplies Haul!

7:31 pm

School started way too early for most Ateneans like me. Even if it's quite a bum that summer's over, there's this one thing that makes me eccentric and excited for school: SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

I don't know about you guys but shopping for school supplies is one of the reasons (or perhaps, the only reason) why I get all "jumpy" for the new semester. This may be out of too much excitement but I thought of sharing to you guys the things I got for school. 

I'd like to start with the boring stuff. I just got myself a long sized, purple envelope. I always bring an envelope with me to school because it holds most of my paper stuff. It is where I put my yellow paper and other documents to prevent any folds and wrinkles. 

These are all my paper-related stuff. From left to right, I got myself:
1. 2 Green Apple Notebooks. I actually covered it with a floral gift wrapper cause I find it more, how should I say this? Me? FLORAL+PURPLE FO' LIFE.
2. Floral, 9-subject Binder from Gallery. I really am in love with it because of it's print! It's FLORAL and you guys know how I feel about floral stuff!
3. 2 Floral bounded Notebooks. OMG guys! These notebooks are to die for! When I saw those notebooks, I was like, "GLOB, I GOTTA HAVE THAT. I NEED TO HAVE THAT!". I don't remember what brand it is but you can find it in any National Bookstore branch.
4. Corona Index cards. There are some professors who require us to bring index cards.
5. Scripti Stick-on Notes. I use stick-notes almost everytime! On books, notebooks, planners, etc. It just helps me remember what I need to look, study, and take-note for.
6. Cattleya Pocket Notebook. I often use this for jotting down assignments, to-do lists, reminders, etc.
For writing materials, it took me an hour to decide which pens/pencil I am going to use. I am very meticulous of the pen I'm using because I have been trained as a secretary for 4 years in High School. Since then, I always maintain having clean notes which results from a good pen/pencil (for me, that is).
From left to right:
1. Stabilo Highlighter. I got 3 highlighters because I use different colors for different purposes.
2. Faber Castell Mechanical Pencil. I was looking for a purple one but I couldn't find any. So, I got myself a pink one. It came with 2 eraser and lead refills.
3. Dong-A Mechanical pencil. It's very slim and I use that pencil the most.
4. Pentel Fiesta Mechanical Pencil. Bought this in case I lose my pencils.
5. BIC Black pens. I've been loving BIC pens lately! That pack of pens from BIC is the easy glide pens, and I have to say that it really lives to its name!
6. BIC 4 Colored Gel Pens. For a COLORED gel pen which writes efficiently, it's almost unbelievable it's only for P8.00/each. I use those for my planner and whenever I write terms in my notebook.
7. BIC 4 Color Pen. I randomly bought it because it's cute. Normally, a 4-color pen comes in a black-red-blue-green set, but because I'm a bit girly-girl when it comes to my stuff, purple-pink-blue-light green color are just irresistible! Here's a closer look of the pen.
8. Dong-A Green Fine-Tech Pen in 0.3. I bought it because I always end up getting one anyway.
9. Pilot G-Tech Pen in 0.3. That is, by far, my favorite pen since highschool! I like how my handwriting looks like whenever I use that pen! 
Lastly, I bought a new bag and a new wallet to carry all my school stuff and "MOOLAH". I just bought the cheetah print hand bag from Parisian Shoes and Bags a while ago. It's very spacious but not that big. It has an extra sling which you could attach on the sides if you want a cross-body bag. My wallet is from SM Accessories.

So, I guess that's all for my school supplies haul. I hope you guys liked it and.. I'll blog about something very soon! Toodles! 

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  1. Thanks for the printed bag. I personally love wood pencils...but am going to try mechanical ones this year.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information.It helps me a lot. I personally like pens and note page.


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