Ending Summer

7:17 pm

It's so hard to admit that summer is ending where I live in. I know, I haven't done anything much and I know how much of a waste it is. Nevertheless, I was able to rest and be totally irresponsible for 2 months. A week from now, a new semester will start and well, it's about time I get a grip of myself especially it's my last year as an Atenean :)

For this look, I wore something which I'm not particularly used to, PASTEL YELLOW. I don't know why but pastel colors are rarely seen in my closet, maybe next time I'll try to fill my closet with pastel goodies but for now, this mullet top from Mode District (Totes Magnifique).

And yes, I know you guys have seen this floral skirt already but you can't blame me. A black floral skirt is a must-have since it'll go with pretty much everything. 
The same reason goes for using this oxford from Gibi Collections.

So, yeah. I took my sister out to take my photos for me because my wireless camera remote ran out of battery juice.  
Mullet top from Mode District (Totes Magnifique) | SM Dept. Store Floral Skirt | Oxfords from GIBI Collections | Cross-body bag from Pony

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